One Thousand Dollars For The Kiss

Manolo says, ayyyyyyyyy! One of the Manolo’s favorite bloggers, the Cindy Bokma, has published the new book!

Cindy Bokma, also known as celebrity blogger “distresssedjeans” has released her first novel, a Hollywood satire called A Thousand Dollars For A Kiss. Cindy gained popularity for her award nominated gossip site, Conversations About Famous People where over six million viewers from around the world read the hilarious entertainment reports. She became known for her cutting edge wit and social commentaries on celebrities in the news. Phil Magitti from the satire site, Pug Bus called her a “female Oscar Wilde.”

Cindy is also well known for her author interview blog, Conversations with Famous Writers where she conducts fun, offbeat interviews with best-selling authors such as Lauren Weisberger, Jeannette Walls, Jennifer Weiner, Janet Evanovich, Simon Doonan, Jessica Cutler, Stephanie Klein and many more. Jane Heller joked that Cindy was the “Oprah of the internet!” with all her work inspiring people to read good books and learn more about authors.

A Thousand Dollars for a Kiss takes a look at what happens when a normal person gets swept up in the life of a Hollywood starlet named Kat Savage- rumored to be modeled after none other than Britney Spears.

The Converstaions about the Famous Peoples was one of the Manolo’s all time favorite celebrity blogs, simply because the Cindy has the most marvelous, intelligent, and biting wit, one which is neither peruile, nor panders to the base crowd. And so the Manolo has the highest expectations that the Cindy’s new book will be most amusing indeed.