Cats and Dogs

Woodby By Birkis   Manolo Does Not Like!  Do Not Click!Woodby by Birkis    Manolo Does Not Like!  Do Not Click!

Manolo says, when the Manolo’s internet friend the Heather first alerted the Manolo to these shoes from the Birkenstock he bethought to himself, “they are for the childrens.”

And then the Manolo noticed that they only come in the sizes of the adult womens!

Naturally, this leads one to speculate what sort of the woman chooses to wear the shoes that proudly feature the misshappen images of the familiar animals….

Present and future cat ladies, certainly.

Obsessive breeders of the teeny yappy dogs, probably.

People who have the extensive collection of the goofy holiday sweaters, perhaps.

Women who erroneously believe that wearing the mass-produced whimiscal feetwears will make them stand out from the suburban throngs at the mall, most likely.

Mental patients, undoubtedly.