End of the Low Rise?

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s internet friends has written the Manolo the note.

I was intrigued by your post inviting people to blog about possible trends for 2006. Unfortunately, I don’t have the insight or the wit to play in the big leagues with Manolo and his internet salon. I worship the bits and bytes you walk on.

Instead, I write to you with not a prediction but a wish. Please reassure me (and my burning eyes) that 2006 will bring the end of the super low rise pants. I can’t take it anymore. My family and I went to have sushi last week and we could barely hold our appetite after having spent the time waiting for a table forced to stare at a young woman whose pants were so low that we could see the crack of her visible behind. Ew ew ew ew. EW. Never would I have thought that the sight of a visible thong would have been a welcome one.

Please make it go away, Manolo. This I pray. — Paola

Manolo says, the Manolo he too wishes devoutly for the end of the low rise, and indeed he thinks the backlash against the low rising jeans it has begun at the top of the fashion food chain. Sadly this it will take the year or two to work down to the people at the Red Lobster or the Wal-mart. So, you and the Manolo, we must suffer for at least the next few months.


The Bride of Frankenstein

Manolo says, ayyyyy! The Lohan she has been reanimated!

The Project Runway 2, Week 4

Manolo says, Nicky Hilton?

This is the person who the contestants of the Project Runway must impress with their designs?

This it is not the honor, it is the moral quandary.

On the one of the hands, you must attempt to produce the best design possible so as to win the respect of the Nina and the Michael Kors, yet on the other of the hands, your design it must still be tawdry enough so as to impress the Nicky Hilton with it’s “hottness”.

The Manolo he hastens to remind you that the Nicky Hilton, she herself wishes to be the fashion designer, and has introduced the Chick by Nicky Hilton line of the clothes, the clothes which are perhaps best described as the track suits with the sequins and rhinestones glued on.
Nicky Hilton Juniors Hoody

Pefect for stumbling around the Ibiza in the stupor.

And so, with this particularly debasing challenge in mind the designers of the Project Runway set out to sell their souls to the devil.

At the end, it was again the odious Santino as the undeserved winner, with the poor, wacky, nutty, loveable-but-not-terribly-talented Lupe taking the long walk off of the short runway.

To the mind of the Manolo, the dress of the Santino it was too busy. Instead, the dress of the Andrae (ea? eea? aae?) it should have been the winner. It was simple and beautiful. In the second place the Manolo he would have put the Nick, who produced the stunning asymetrical dress. And third, it was the Daniel V., who although his material was incongrous for the carpet of red, made the wonderful party dress.

However, at the end, it was the Santino who remembered the “client”, who remembered that the dress was to be picked by the not terribly sophisticated, not terribly bright Nicky Hilton. And so he made the dress that presented the flashy detail.

Also, do not forget that the Nicky was favorably impressed by Santino’s “personality”.

Did the Manolo mention that he found the Nicky to be especialy dull? Dull in every possible connotation of the word? Dull even by the already low standards set for public Hilton behavior and intellect?

The final word of the Manolo: this week there were many beautiful dresses which were more deserving of victory.


Lucky Bag!

Manolo shouts, everybody Fukubukuro! Fukubukuro! Fukubukuro!

How Much?

Manolo says, the Never teh Bride she asks the age old question How Much Did Your Wedding Cost?

P.S. Groomzilla!


Passion on the Sale

Passion by Anne Klein   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, this beautiful slingback from the Anne Klein, the Passion, it is on the sale, reduced over 60%, the savings of $230 of the American dollars!

What the Manolo Is…

Manolo says, here for the first time in the 2006, is What the Manolo is…

Is Reading…



Listening to…


The Carnivale of Couture

Manolo says, now that the Manolo is back at the blogging it is time to (in the words of the Emeril) “kick it up the notch”, and so the Manolo he would like host later this week the first Carnivale of Couture, the collection of the bloggings from the Manolo’s internet friends the fashion bloggers.

And to help his many internet friends to find the topic on which to write, the Manolo he would propose blogging about the topic: Fashion Predictions for 2006

So, if you are the fashion blogger, or the blogger who would like to write about the fashion trends of the new year, blog something good and send the Manolo the link. On the Thursday or Friday of this week, the Manolo he will post the links and we will have the first Carnivale of Courture.


Blahnik for the Winter

Manolo Blahnik Winter Boot

Manolo says, what better way to face the dark days of the winter than with the fur-trimmed boot from the Maestro Manolo Blahink.


Happy New Year!

Manolo shouts,

Happy New Year!!!!!

May your new year be filled with the most super fantastic shoes!