Missoni Thursday Night

FM 90D  from Missoni   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, here from the Missoni is the colorful skimmer which may be relied upon to enliven up your wardrobe. Not only is it fun, but is has the very refined shape.

This combination of color, pattern, and line would announce the wearer’s sophistication.


Crikey! It is the International Croc Attack!

Manolo says, despite the best efforts of the Manolo, the plague that is the Crocs is spreading!

They have invaded New Zealand, where the righteously outraged fashionistas have begun to do battle against this odious and life-sucking scourge.

The plastic horrors have taken the country by storm, but their popularity remains an enigma. Bulky, hole-filled and jellybean-coloured, they are not the height of footwear fashion.

“Crocs are ugly, they are hideous, they are disgusting,” railed Denise L’Estrange-Corbet, founder of Kiwi fashion label World. “They should actually have teeth in them that bite off the feet of anyone who wears them as punishment for having such bad fashion sense. I wouldn’t wear them if they were the last shoes on earth.”

L’Estrange-Corbet said the only thing good about the rubber monstrosities was their bright colours. “But they should be banned. If I were prime minister, that’s what I would do – ban Crocs.”

Auckland fashion designer Caroline Church puts it just as bluntly. “They’re dog ugly. They really are, but so are Jandals – people don’t look good in them, but they wear them anyway.”

The Manolo completely agrees with these sentiments.

Wait, Denise L’Estrange-Corbet? This name is familiar to the Manolo. Ah, now he remembers. Let us just say that if she and her husband do not like the Crocs, you who wear them are doomed.

And now this awful news. Not only are the Crocs invading New Zealand, but these “rubber monstrosities” have now appeared in Paris! Here is the excerpt from this day’s Wall Street Journal written by the Manolo’s old friend the Rachel Dodes (many apologies, the Manolo does not have the link, his internet the friend Tara sent the excerpt to him).

[O]n the Rue des Francs-Bourgeois, one of the main drags, there were some items in the window of a small shop that caused people to point and stare: Crocs, the unabashedly ugly brand of rubber garden clogs that have a cult following in the U.S. The shoes, in gold and orange, were shown paired with dainty dresses and chic leather jackets.

Crocs, which feature large holes in the front, have yet to become a sensation outside the U.S. “Everyone thinks this is crazy,” acknowledged Pascal Yefet, owner of the shop in Paris, which is called Sylk Production. Mr. Yefet claims to be the first person in France to attempt to sell the unusual footwear. After a year of negotiation, he purchased 800 pairs of Crocs in a rainbow of colors from Crocs Inc., the Niwot, Colo., company. The shoes retail for €49, or about $65. In the U.S. they can be purchased for $29.99.

If Mr. Yefet succeeds in drawing interest from French consumers, it could be a good sign for Crocs, which saw its stock almost triple since going public last year before a recent slide. The company has been rapidly expanding its offerings — such as a wedge heel and a rubber ballet flat — to avoid becoming a one-hit wonder.

Since opening the boutique in January, Mr. Yefet says he has sold about 100 pairs of Crocs, but that only 50% of the buyers are French. “I hope people see Crocs as something different,” says Mr. Yefet. “They are very comfortable.”

Mr. Yefet should hope that the outraged peoples of Paris do not throw the cobblestones through his windows and drag him into the street for the much deserved thrashing.

For all that is holy, peoples, do you not notice that when you put the Crocs upon your feets you instantly lose 63 IQ points and 27% of your physical attractiveness! It is the proven fact of science!

Manolo says, do not be the unattractive dummy, do not wear the Crocs.

Update! The super fantastic Rachel Dodes has forwarded the link to the story!


Conceptual Self-Sabotage

Manolo says, it is not often that the Manolo reads the runway review that makes him laugh out loud.

As the rigs got bigger and the girls’ expressions more frozen with fear, involuntary gasps escaped from the audience. “Oh my God, she’s listing!” hissed one observer. “I can’t look!” cried another. “That poor girl’s slipping!” shrieked someone else.

By pure luck, no one did fall, and when the applause came, Viktor & Rolf may not have realized it was all for the models’ heroic endurance, rather than for them. The mild-mannered and scrupulously polite Horsting and Snoeren can hardly be suspected of being closet sadists, but in this case their concept crossed over into cruelty. At the end, if they’d come out rigged up themselves—in clogs—they might have gotten away with it, but whatever point they were (perhaps) making about how each of us walks through life in her own imaginary fashion show, it couldn’t override the discomfort of the spectacle.

Imaginary fashion show?

This is not how the Manolo imagines his daily strut down the runway of life…

Lights! Camera! Topple!

As for the feetwear…

In the industry noted for the dumb conceptual “artistry”, this is one of the dumber examples.