Trash Fashion Art

Manolo says, on the left you see the beautiful and vivacious Tichina Arnold rocking the leather hottie dress. On the right you see her stupid boots, which the Manolo can only characterize as “trash fashion art”.

By trash fashion art the Manolo means that these boots are ambitious in intent, and are vaguely interesting in execution, but in all the wrong ways. They emphasize ugliness for the sake of “art”, something which offends the Manolo’s sensibities.

Regarding the more practical matters, dozens of the Manolo’s internet friends have sent the Manolo these pictures which have appeared on the website of the Fug Girls. Most of these friends have asked the Manolo to identify these “deconstructed” abominations.

Frankly, the Manolo has no idea who makes these boots, which is too bad because he would take great pleasure in publicly excoriating these peoples. However the Manolo suspects, although he could be wrong (especially given what has been appearing on the runways this season) that they have originated in some loathsome yet ambitious fetish catalog, the less said of which the better.

As for the beautiful Tichina, the Manolo would make her over in something like these boots from the Celine.

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