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Manolo says, here is the example of the song that is amusing and catchy and perfectly wonderful in the original version, but which has been reinterpreted into something that is honest and profound and perfectly wonderful in the entirely new version.

The result is that the Manolo cannot decide which he likes better. But, does it really matter? They are both wonderful!

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What the Manolo Is…

Manolo says, it is Tuesday, time to see what the Manolo is…



Listening To…

Throughout the moive Amazing Grace the Manolo kept thinking two things. The first, “no one makes the movies like this anymore.”

This was such the earnest and heartfelt movie, one that was mostly respectful of history and its subject. It was also the very intelligent movie, one which presupposed some passing knowledge of history. Because of these things the Amazing Grace seemed like the movie made forty years ago, and the Manolo means this as praise.

The second thing the Manolo was thinking, much to his shame, was “How would Mel Gibson have made this movie?”

The problem with the Amazing Grace is that it steadfastly refuses to sensationalize its subject matter. The result of this refusal is that what should be the matter of the highest moral imperative, the abolition of slavery, is reduced to the story about the parliamentary maneuvering.

This is why the Manolo kept making reference to the Mel Gibson in his mind.

Say what you will about the Crazy Mel, but you cannot deny that he has the ability to move audiences, to make them feel intensely. In the Amazing Grace we see the characters in anguish at the thought of slavery, but we feel little of what causes their torment, and none of the real torment suffered by the slaves. The movie is somewhat bloodless, and suffers because of this.

This material in the hands of the Mel Gibson would have been sensationalized beyond measure, but you would have known, with your all of your being, why William Wilburforce felt so intensely about abolition, for you, too, would have felt intensely.

So the Manolo liked the Amazing Grace very much, but wishes that it had packed more of the emotional punch.


The Consolation of the Shoes

The Consolation of the Shoes by Manolo the Shoeblogger
Manolo says, the Manolo reminds you that his new work, The Consolation of the Shoes will soon be sent out. Now is the chance to pre-order this amusing piece of writing.