Shoes for the Graduation, Part 3

Manolo says, many of the Manolo’s internet friends suggest that the Manolo has erred in his graduation shoe recommendations. However this comment one from the Professor CJ is the most complete.

I hate to cast sobriety on the Rachel’s day of acknowledgment, but there is in fact a written rule. Per the American Council on Education Costume Code:

People will see your shoes. If you walk across a stage, your feet will be eye-level for many in the front rows. Wearing sneakers or flip-flops (which I see on both men and women) does not make you look festive, it makes you look cheap and immature.

I suggest either a nice, dark shoe or a muted school color. Given the time of year, a tasteful sandal would be lovely.

And get the pedicure, not because your feet aren’t pretty, but because a bit of pampering is a nice way to reward yourself on a special occasion.

This advice from the Professor CJ is so much more complete and sensible than that which the Manolo had offered to the Rachel, that the Manolo will henceforth adopt it as his own.

Frankly, the Manolo was simply unaware that there was the formal rule regarding the appropriate wear, which given the proclivity of many recent graduates to adorn their academic costumes with the colorful plastic geegaws in order to express their “individuality”, may perhaps be understandable.

But, now that it has been pointed out to him, the Manolo cannot but agree that one should honor the occasion with the appropriate feetwear. Thankfully, the Professor CJ has noted that this does not mean that one is limited to only the dullest of shoes.