Crikey! It’s the Croc Attack Blog!

Manolo says, this image it is taken from the Crocaccidents, the very serious blog devoted to spreading the news that the Crocs are exceedingly dangerous.

If you are of the delicate constitution, you may wish to avoid the stories and pictures at this site. Let us just say that there are many graphic accounts of the poor little children who have had their toes ripped off while wearing the Crocs.

Just say no to having your child’s toe ripped off. Just say no to the Crocs.

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Whose Shoes…The Answer!

Manolo asked, whose shoes?


Manolo answers, the Laura Bush!

Congratulations to the Manolo’s super fantastic internet friend the K, who came up with the correct answer very quickly.


My G-G-Generation

Manolo says, this has made the Manolo smile from ear-to-ear all afternoon long.

Roberto Cavalli, Lack of Restraint

T7711 by Roberto Cavalli   Manolo thinks almost! Click!T7048 by Roberto Cavalli    Manolo thinks almost!  Click!

Here you see the two pairs of shoes from the Roberto Cavalli, shoes which properly capture the Robert Cavalli aesthetic, which the Manolo might describe as “Long Island Russian Mafia Gun Moll”.

And yet, for all of that, the Manolo finds these shoes “almost”. Almost worth wearing. Almost beautiful. Almost super fantastic.

The problem is that the Manolo, who believes that true fashion lies on the border between the trashy and the classic, thinks that these shoes are located just across the fashionable border into the land of the trashy, which means these shoes are “almost”.

Of the course, this tendency to keep adding the junk to the shoes until they seem too much is not merely the major draw back of the Roberto Cavalli., it is also undoubtedly his greatest selling point, making his shoes perfectly suited for the flashy and unsophisticated market he has captured.

Do not get the Manolo wrong, the Roberto Cavalli is talented, it is just that he needs to be restrained.

Look here is the picture of the Cavalli at the Costume Institue Gala.

Clearly, this is not the celebrity endorsement which the more sensitive designer would be happy to have.

Update: The Manolo’s internet friend Nicole disagrees.



Manolo shouts, ayyyyyyyyyyyy!

The picture like this can mean only one thing. The return of the abomination known as Euorvision!

Whose Shoes Wednesday


Manolo asks, whose shoes?