The Consolation of the Shoes and the Forums of the Manolo!

Manolo says, finally we have arrived at the official launch date for the Manolo’s new work, The Consolation of the Shoes, and in honor of this the Manolo has prepared two new websites to entertain and amuse his many internet friends.
The Consolation of the Shoes
Firstly, allow the Manolo to present to you the Official Consolation of the Shoes website! Here you will find the full color versions of the illustrations contained in the Manolo’s new work, along with other things which may entertain and/or enlighten you.

Secondly, allow the Manolo to present to you the brand new, the Manolo’s Super Fantastic Forums, the place where we may carry on our internet discussions in greater detail. Here we may talk about the shoes and the celebrities and the fashion until we are finally sated by the surfeit of chatter. Hurry! Be among the first to sign up and participate!