Build the Outfit..The Winner!

Manolo says, there were 53 entries for the Build the Outfit contest at the Manolo’s Super Fantastic Forums.

The Manolo jumbled up the entries and randomly picked one name from his hat. And the super fantastic winner was the MiscMama, who submitted the entry which paired the Giuseppe Zanotti geometric wedge sandals with this green purse, the white sunglasses, and this simple Isaac Mizrahi white dress from the Target.

Isaac Mizrahi white sundress from Target

As the prize the MiscMama will recive the $100 gift certificate from the Zappos!

There were many entries which were quite praiseworthy, look at this one from the
Manolo’s internet friend the Edot


The Manolo liked this one so much that he has decided to award the Edot the super unnanounced second prize of the $50 gift certificate from the Zappos.

Congratulations to the winners!

And now you may browse through all of the entries at the Manolo’s Super Fantastic Forums.