Build the Outfit #4…The Winner!

Manolo says, the Manolo’s friends at the Shoeflyer have picked the winner of the Manolo’s latest Build the Outfit contest.

And the winner is….Chels. It wasn’t easy but three of us came with the unanimous decision. That said, we’d like to give honoroble mention to second placed Atari. We love Atari’s choice of matching the Demeter with a white outlet skirt. However, it was Chels proposed outfit that took the cake.

Chels truly knows fashion. The Birds of Paradise dress is both modest and flirty. Best of all Chels makes every color in the dress pop with her subtle choice in accessories; from the antique looking twin necklace to the simply stunning gold flower cuff, which happens to be our favorite accessory from all the entries. What we truly love in Chels’s ensemble is her approach of capturing a feminine look without compromising class or function. In short, we’d call the outfit a perfect combination for the summery shining woman of today.

Thanks for all the great entries and Congratulations Chels.

Indeed, congratulations to the Chels.

And now, the Manolo must again note that all of the entries were most super fantastic, and this not the mere puffery, as the Manolo has been truly impressed by the talent for styling shown by his many internet friends.

Finally, the Manolo must thank the peoples at the Shoefly for sponsoring the contest, and to the peoples at the Shoeflyer for judging it.