The Coveted Snubbed

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s favorite new bloggers, Jennine at The Coveted has been snubbed by the San Francisco Fashion Week.

I just tried to apply for a press pass with San Francisco Fashion Week, and was declined. I don’t know the policy for bloggers regarding Fashion Week in other cities… but I guess I missed the fine print…

SFFW does not issue passes to bloggers.


Blogs are important, they are more likely give media attention to upcoming designers, artists, photographers, stylists, etc. I know I have here at The Coveted. I may not have a degree in fashion, or journalism, nor have I served as an assistant to some established member of the fashion industry.

I do work very hard at delivering daily fashion tidbits to the bloggosphere, and I love it. The online community of fashion bloggers have been absolutely wonderful, and I personally am proud to be part of this movement.

I don’t know about SF Fashion Week. Maybe I can pay the money and promote The Coveted, and see fashion shows… But I feel a little strange about promoting it, especially San Francisco Fashion Week, come on… It’s strange to think that a city so closely linked to Silicon Valley, who heavily depends on the technology, and internet industries, would be so short sighted in seeing the impact blogs have on the fashion world.

This decision is ridiculous and counter-productive to the best interests of the designers who show their work at the San Francisco Fashion Show, for such lesser-known designers are exactly those who cannot afford to ignore the free and enthusiastic publicity the fashion blogs provide.

But beyond the free publicity, it is the fact that the best fashion commentary is now found on the internets. Indeed, outside of the tiny handful of professional critics, the Manolo rarely reads fashion commentary in the old media. He prefers instead the immediacy, passion, and individual personality of the best fashion blogs. Everything else seems stale.

Decidedly not stale, however, is The Coveted. The Jennine writes well, thinks clearly, and dresses herself in the most amusing and eclectic personal style. She is not the fashion zombie, going only and always with the latest “hot” trends, but the informed and knowledgeable fashion being who does her own thing, and in so doing epitomizes what the Manolo means by the super fantastic.

And that the San Francisco Fashion Week has snubbed her, tells the Manolo that this event is neither well-run nor well-promoted, for they are shutting out exactly the peoples they should be admitting.

P.S. The Tricia at the Bits and Bobbins also has the few choice words under the amusing and accurate heading, SF fashion week: why SF fashion will remain second-rate


Manolo the Columnist

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

In two weeks I’m heading to Los Angeles for a vacation: the beach, Disneyland, Hollywood, the whole thing. My husband has promised me dinner at the Ivy. What should I wear?


Manolo says, Los Angeles is the only place in the world where you will see the man in the faded board shorts, dirty t-shirt, and the flip-flops getting behind the wheel of the $180,000 Bentley automobile. In the seat next to him is the flashy and artificially enhanced young woman in the giant Dior sunglasses, the Chloe minidress, and the bling-covered Roberto Cavalli high-heeled sandals.

Do not be this couple. Do not drink the Hollywood kool-aid.

The Manolo recommends dressing up somewhat for dinner at the Ivy. This season in Los Angeles it is the slightly-above-the-knee, pretty, white dresses, fancy clutches, and flat sandals.

Here is the Xanadu by Report, the sophisticated and minimalist silver flat sandal that will not leave the paparazzi thinking you are the third Hilton sister.

Xanadu by Report    Manolo Likes!  Click!