Manolo for the Big Girl!

Manolo says, many and profuse apologies for the paucity of the posting today. The Manolo has been working diligently this morning on several projects, projects which when they are unveiled will delight and amaze you.

But, most of all, the Manolo was preparing to show you this….

Manolo for the Big Girl

Yes, the Manolo has this day officially launched the Manolo for the Big Girl blog, where you will find “fashion, lifestyle, and humor for the plus-sized woman”.

The Manolo hopes that this will become one of your regular internet stops, for the two bloggers he has asked to help him at this blog are wonderfully entertaining and funny writers. And, best of all, they share the Manolo’s belief that anyone can achieve super fantasticness.

Go there now and be introduced to this new blog.