Whose Shoes Wednesday…Pam Anderson!

Manolo asked, whose shoes?

Pamela Anderson wearing the Uggs

Manolo answers, the Pamela Anderson!

Congratulation to the Manolo’s super fantastic internet friend Long Island who was the first and one of the very few to properly identify the celebrity wearing these shoes.

No Thank You, Please

Manolo says, here is the most depressing story of the week.

Clearly a little run-in with the law isn’t slowing down the Paris Hilton licensing machine. As if sportswear, watches, handbags and fragrances weren’t enough, Hilton now is launching an eponymous line of high-end footwear. “My goal is to create a stylish and fun fashion line from head to toe,” said Hilton in a statement from Antebi Group, a footwear manufacturing company based in New York, which is producing the shoes. “Antebi Group really understand my vision for this line as well as the needs for the fashion-forward young woman.” Platforms, stilettos, wedges and other signature Hilton styles will hit stores early next year.

Once again, the Manolo deplores the whole business of the celebrity “designers”.

Whose Shoes Wednesday

Manolo asks, whose shoes?