Manolo the Columnist

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

My husband tells me that we must attend an important business dinner later this month. My problem is that I’m seven months pregnant, my feet have swollen beyond all measure, and I’ve developed “cankles”. I’m desperate. Please help.


Manolo says, the Manolo can only imagine how terrible it must be to be the pregnant woman suffering through the concentrated misery that is the Washington August; the heat, the humidity, the knowledge that the congress peoples will eventually return from their summer vacations. Ayyyyyy!

Worse, the Manolo has noticed that many well-intentioned people now mistakenly believe that the proper way to greet the pregnant lady is with the words “My God, you’ve gotten as big as the house!”

Such rude people should be gently chided and corrected, perhaps with the speeding Metro bus.

And so the Manolo, sympathizes with his pregnant lady friends, and devoutly wishes that he were rich enough to hire air-conditioned sedan chairs for all of them, so that they might be transported from place to place in style.

Look here is the Slipper by Stuart Weitzman, the simple, elegant point-toed flat, the shoe which will be comfortable without calling undue attention to your temporary problem areas.

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