Fancy Lad Fred?

Manolo says, naturally, the Manolo has the opinion about this contretemps.

And he has said his piece at the Pajamas Media. Here is the start…

Manolo says, two things immediately leap into the mind of the Manolo regarding the news that the not-yet-presidential-candidate Fred Thompson made the grievous error of wearing the Gucci loafers to do his non-campaigning at the Iowa State Fair (which is dollar to the donuts the best state fair in the state!)
Gucci Loafers!   Manolo Likes! Click!

First, the Manolo did not know that they made the Gucci loafers in the size 13, which is the shoe size of the 6 feets and 6 inches tall Fred Thompson. The Manolo thought that 12 was the largest size offered.

And secondly, this is yet one more fashion tempest in the presidential campaigning pot of tea.

What do those who are promoting this story wish us to think?

“Ooooooh. Fred Thompson wears the Gucci loafers! Look at the Fancy Lad Fred, the pretty boy who wears the pretty boy shoes?”

Ha! The Manolo laughs!

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