Manolo’s Week in Review

Manolo says, here is the best of the Manolo blogs from the previous week.


A skirt, you see, is, if well-chosen, designed to de-accentuate the tummy and upper thighs, while pants do more to accentuate every line.

Mr. Henry…

From all the good arguments presented in the discussion, the most convincing one to Mr. Henry, the one that persuades him beyond a reasonable doubt, is taste.

Isidore Gallant…

Instead of respecting tradition, he asked to have five buttons on his cuffs, which is going to make the suit look out of fashion within a year.


Plumcake for example would rather hot oil wrestle a particularly unfriendly badger…naked.

Never the Bride…

After kola nuts are presented to welcome the bridegroom’s family and all the guests are seated, the bride (in orange) makes her first appearance to greet her future in-laws.


Chanel Jump Boots

Chanel Jump Boots   Manolo Shrugs in Indifference   Click!

Manolo says, This is the sort of item that gives luxury goods the bad name, and makes those who buy them seem silly.

Not because jump boots are not useful and very stylish in their way, but because the best jump boots in the whole world can be purchased for the the mere $121, hundreds of American dollars below the inflated Chanel retail price.

And these $121 boots, what are they?

Go ask the paratrooper, he’ll tell you. They’re Corcorans. Anything else is for ‘legs’.