Weekend Blogging

Manolo says, those of the Manolo friend’s who have been the long time readers of the Manolo for the Brides may remember the wonderfully amusing blogger, Twistie, who substituted for the Never teh Bride while she was away becoming the Bride.

Well, the Manolo has invited the Twistie to become the official Weekend Blogger of the Manolo, and she has already put up her first post at the Manolo for the Brides, the marvelous piece with the title of When Wedding Disasters Strike. Here is the excerpt.

I’ve heard many old saws and superstitions about weddings over the years, but only one has held absolutely true at every wedding I’ve attended in more than forty years: something always goes wrong.

It may be large, it may be small, but it will happen.

Rings get lost, the wrong flowers or cake get delivered, someone loses or rips a piece of wedding finery, vendors fail to come through, it rains when the happy couple have no plan b for weather, personal grudges between guests lead to small acts of violence…and the list goes on.

But this is not all, the Twistie will also be weekend blogging at the Manolo for the Big Girl, and has begun there with the provocative article entitled, Death to the Little Black Dress.

I’m short. I’m fat. My feet are shaped like cubes. I am concentrated. There’s a lot of me packed into 5’2”. I have opinions and find them to be very true. I’m curious. I’m interested in the world around me. I’m comfortable in my own skin at long last in my mid forties. The child in me has never completely grown up, and I’d hate to think she ever would. I will do my best to share with you good advice, interesting facts and trivia, my quirky humor, and the beauty that is waiting to be seen in your own mirror.

You go, girlfriend!

And now the Manolo has Mr. Henry, Isidore Gallant, Never teh Bride, Plumcake, Francesca, Glinda, raincoaster, and Twistie; all of them funny, all of them smart, all of them super fantastic writers of ability and verve.

The Manolo sincerely believes that he has the best group of fashion and lifestyle bloggers on the whole internet. But, go judge for yourselves, visit these blogs and read what has been written there.

By the way, next week, on Tuesday, the Manolo’s group of fashion and lifestyle blogs will grow by one, and his group of writers will grow by one, with the addition of one of the funniest peoples on the internet, someone whose own blog was one of the Manolo’s all time favorites, but who has graciously consented to join the Manolo for the betterment of all mankind.

But the Manolo will save that surprise for next week, in the meantime, go read the postings of the Twistie, you will enjoy them.