Sergio Rossi Boots for the Monday

Marvena by Sergio Rossi     Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, yes, it is Monday and you are back in the office, once again being oppressed by The Man and his minions, the dictatorial junta of supervisors and their toadies.

How you long to break free of this injustice, to rise up and throw off the shackles which bind you!

And so you begin to plan the popular uprising of cubicle-dwellers.

Soon, you and your small band of revolutionaries will take to the hidden storage rooms and service corridors of the building. Moving at night and during the lunch breaks, you will strike where the regime least suspects it, at the very heart of its power, the executive washroom. By such bold and direct action you will sap its will to govern and gather support from among the oppressed peoples, who will soon speak your nom de guerre in hushed and reverent tones.

With luck and cunning, and after months of bitter struggle, you will perhaps emerge victorious, bringing the enlightened rule of the worker to this backward place.

But first you will need romantic, revolutionary boots.

Mira! Here is the Marvena by Sergio Rossi! Perfect for the female Zapata!

Viva la Revolucion!