Prada Spring-Summer 2008

Manolo says, speaking of the Miuccia and her ways, the Manolo could not help but notice that the latest Prada show in Milan presented shoes that swerved wildly away from the previous look. Remember those beautiful, restrained, and unusual Prada sfumato shoes which we were all so recently praising?

These are emphatically different…

Organic and whimsical, these shoes are not unpleasing, although they have perhaps too much of the Magical Shoe Fairy Cottage about them for the taste of the Manolo.

However, he appreciates the effort.

More to his taste are these colorful shoes below…


You will notice that the Miuccia has attempted to settle the old question, should one wear the stocking with the sandals, by coming out with the free-form-organic-shoe-and-geometric-contrasting-stocking look. It is interesting and compelling in its way, but perhaps somewhat more funky than one may desire.