The Bachelorette (Size 4, 116 Pounds) is Fat!

Manolo says, Glinda at the Teeny Manolo reads the Us Weekly Magazine so that we do not have to.Trista Sutter is Fat!

E-list “celebrity” Trista Sutter (the Bachelorette, just to remind anyone who may have watched the show) is on a mission to lose weight. You see, only three months ago, she became a mother. But according to her, “I’m definitely not pleased when I look in the mirror.” Trista, weighing in at a whopping 116 pounds and size four, wants to lose that pesky baby weight, stat!

In an interview with US Magazine, Trista reveals how she especially dislikes

my belly. It has a layer of fat, which, of course, your body has to put on, but it’s blubbery and I hate it. I want to be able to go bathing suit shopping for a vacation and not feel totally disgusted… I just don’t feel good in a lot of my clothes.

Trista, Trista. Can I sit down with you for a second? We need to have a conversation. Go ahead and get comfy, because this might take a while.

Naturally, Glinda attempts to set her straight.

Meanwhile, at the Manolo for the Big Girl, Plumcake takes the more practical approach.


Reef Dram, Sandals of Death

Reef Dram, Sandals of Death!Reef Dram, Sandals of Death

Manolo says, the Manolo has been opposed to these ridiculous Reef Sandals with the flask in the sole since he first saw them. But now, he has more substantive reasons to dislike them, they can kill you.

Even as federal authorities issued an alert warning U.S. law enforcement officers that terrorists are continuing to conceal explosive devices in thick soled shoes, a regional law enforcement agency followed up Thursday with a warning that one manufacturer’s beach sandal can hold liquid explosives and a sharp implement in its heel,, according to a bulletin issued originally last spring and reissued yesterday the “Dram Sandal” by Reef, is capable of holding approximately 2-3 ounces of liquid in a hidden compartment, located in the heel of each sandal. The Dram Sandal became available March 1, 2007, and can be purchased online and at most shoe stores, the bulletin stated.

“The Reef Company, which is a designer and distributor of casual apparel and footwear, has developed several sandals with bottle openers concealed in the heel of the sandal” the bulletin reads. “The most recent line of Reef Sandals is the Dram Sandal. The Dram Sandal contains a flask embedded into the sole of the sandal and is marketed as a ‘Polyurethane encapsulated canteen in heel with screw cap.’ In addition to the hidden plastic canteen, the sandal comes complete with a mini funnel, church key/bottle opener and a visual gauge embedded in the sole to show how much liquid is remaining in the hidden compartment. The hidden compartment in the Dram Sandal, which was primarily made for storing beverages, could intentionally or unwittingly be used to store and transport liquid explosives.”

Now if we can only find reasons to keep the Crocs off the airplanes.

P.S. From the Manolo’s internet friends at Hot Air


Nicole Brundage, Fall-Winter 2008

Manolo says, the Manolo has previously mentioned the shoes of the young designer Nicole Brundage, but he must again say how impressed he is with her work.

But, judge for yourself, here are two examples from her new Fall-Winter 2008 Collection, available for viewing at her website.

Elenoire by Nicole Brundage   Manolo Likes!

Here is the Elenoire from the Nicole Brundage. The Manolo loves this combination of the natural leather with the peep toe.

And this shoe above is the Margot, which has the exceedingly sexy ankle strap.

All of this is yet more evidence that Nicole Brundage is the young person to be watched.


Zebra Skin Diving Suit

Manolo says, “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the zebra and the dolphin together; and a little child shall lead them.”


Manolo the Columnist

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

The library in the little Maine town where I live will soon have a gala fundraising ball. I have secured a very nice dark red gown for the affair, but I’m afraid my L.L. Bean gumboots just don’t go. Can you recommend a pair of shoes that will demonstrate what a shoe can be?


Manolo says, this question, although phrased humorously, points out the much more serious problem, how does one maintain super fantasticness while living in the small town? This is doubly true now that we have arrived in the era of complete casualness, when we can regularly meet with our bankers, accountants, and lawyers in their Casual Friday cut-offs and muscle shirts.

“Oh, this tattoo of copulating unicorns? I got it when I spent the summer after law school working as a carny.”

“Well, it looks good on you, Jane.”

So, what must one do?

Fight the power!

Just because one lives in coastal Maine, or rural Kansas, it does not mean that one cannot dress up to the nines when presented with the slightest excuse.

Church social? The Manolo recommends Chanel!

County fair? Burberry!

Town council zoning meeting? Balenciaga!

And for the library ball? The Manolo recommends the Romancemid from Stuart Weitzman, in black or red.

Romancemid by Stuart Weitzman   Manolo Likes!  Click!