Franco Sarto for the Poor Girl

Manolo says, lately the Manolo has been getting many letters such as this one.

Dear Manolo,

I love your blog, and the beautiful shoes you show on it, but most often they’re well beyond my poor working girl means. Could you please recommend some shoes that are affordable but still stylish?

Much love,


It is true, the Manolo most frequently chooses costly, perhaps even outrageous priced shoes, but this because the Manolo believes that quality and style and workmanship trump all other considerations.

The best shoes are designed by geniuses, and manufactured by true craftsmen from the first-rate materials, and because of this they command the proportionally high price. But, likewise, they give proportionally more pleasure to the wearer.

Nothing matches the feeling one has when wearing beautiful and beautifully made shoes. One walks taller and straighter in such shoes, which is why the Manolo always recommends saving to buy the super fantastic shoes.

However, at the same of the time the Manolo also knows what it is like to be poor, so poor that you must fashion your own super fantastic shoes out of the discarded typewriter parts you have found in the abandoned warehouse where you hide at night from the roving bands of street thugs, whom you have frequently insulted with rude gestures.

And so the Manolo often recommends the shoes of the Franco Sarto as being the suitable stopgap while one saves up for the more substantial feetwear investment.

Look! Here are two pairs the Manolo would recommend to his poor girl friends.

Fleet from Franco Sarto

Here is the Fleet from Franco Sarto, with the sleek lines and the remarkable and attractive deep red color.

Fare Tall Boots from Franco Sarto

This boot is called the Fare, and it has the similarly streamlined lines as the red shoe above. It is elegant and modern in the best ways.

The shoes of the Franco Sarto can be quite attractive and the quality is not excessively awful, thus they are perfect for the poor girl who wishes to do better.