The Manolo Week in Review

Manolo says, here is the best of the week from the Manolosphere.

Isidore Gallant…

It is true that, for both men and women, the more functional the piece of clothing, the less formal it is.

Miss Plumcake…

I cannot give you a reason these things even exist (although I have my suspicions involving Buzz Aldrin, an open-minded cobbler and a quiet evening in the Pucci atelier licking toads)


When the shoulders or the boobs are large, we must always remember to include some pizazz somewhere to balance our features.


We at TeenyManolo have been alerted to not a few global crises involving children, everything from substance-addled celebutards playing Drop the Baby to lead-lined lunchbaskets, and our heartstrings have not failed to have been plucked. Why, some days, I can hardly post for my plucking heartstrings.


You know, because moms don’t get to see enough pouting, angry kids at home. Let’s make her look at them while shopping, too!

Spirit Fingers…

What ungodly power does Kid Rock possess that allows him to ensorcel women like Cindy Crawford into caressing his nostril hairs with her lips?

Never teh Bride…

That, I suppose, is why I immediately thought about how much I loathe Christmas muzak as soon as I cast eyes on it.


My friends, I’m here to let you in on a secret: if you can cut a straight line and apply glue, you can make your own simple veil for peanuts.

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