Build the Outfit #6…The Winner!

Manolo says, the decision was incredibly difficult for the Manolo, as there were several excellent designs from which the Manolo had to choose.

But, ultimately, the Manolo felt that this outfit, submitted by the Manolo’s internet friend lhpoppy was the winner…

Build the Outfit #6, The Winner!

For the Manolo what made this outfit stand out was that it was traditional and Englishy and tweedy, yet at the same time, it played with proportions in the most amusing manner.

The colors were marvelous, and the Manolo has been seeing cloche hats everywhere, much to his approval, and the stocking were fun. The Manolo might have selected different gloves and earrings, but the basic outfit showed the great sense of style.

By the way, the Manolo had two runners up, the classic look from Jinnan-tonnyx and the more original and youthful style from OptimistPrime. Both were quite strong and made the Manolo’s final choice difficult.