Build the Outfit #7…The Winner!

Manolo says, once again the Manolo has been mightily impressed by the level of stylist talent to be found among his readers. And thus once again the Manolo found it hard to make the decision as to which entry to pick as the winner.

However, after many hours of contemplation, the Manolo gives the prize to this entry, submitted by his internet friend Sam.

Build the Outfit #7, Winner!

Here is Sam describing the outfit in his and/or her own words.

An outfit for the tall girl who’s a little bit sweet, and a little bit tough, part downtown, and little uptown too. She’s on the town for a gallery opening and some drinks. Her makeup is simple yet dramatic, her cheeks are highlighted with coral colored blush (to match the necklace), across her eyelids a shimmery sweep of copper shadow and around her eyes; loads of smudgy black eyeliner.

What the Manolo liked best about this, was the pairing of the haute Carolina Herrera skirt with the vernacular motorcycle jacket. This look it is uptown and down, funky and refined, the marvelous and witty pairing of unusual elements. With strong shoes like this the Manolo thinks that normally one should stick to basics with the rest of the outfit, avoiding patterns, and using the accessories to add color to the solids. (Red also would have worked well with these shoes.)

And now the Manolo must sent special props to his internet friend Heishe, whom he considers the runner up.

At first glance the Manolo rejected Heishe’s outfit as being wrong-headed, but then upon second look, he began to see the logic behind it, and it grew on him. In the end the Manolo came to regard it as brave and smart. It is light and flirty and altogether cute, and the completely unexpected combination. So, Bravo to the Heishe!


Tom Cruise, Only Partially Limp-Wristed

Manolo says, The Tom Cruise right hand, his pimp hand remains strong, and yet the other seems more…diffident.

P.S. From that genius among geniuses, Spirit Fingers.

Rupert Sanderson Shoes for the Monday

Manolo says, yes, it is again Monday and you are back again at your desk. But happily, it is the the short week, only three days until Thanksgiving, the majority of which you will spend working out the complex seating arrangements needed to maintain harmony during the big feast. (As always, your father must be placed far away from your Cousin Andy the aggressive atheist, who makes little snorting noises when you say grace, which irritates your Uncle Bob, who made little Jenny cry last year with his “witticisms” about fat girls, and who also likes to mock your cousin Joe, the Ron Paul supporter, who last year got into the giant argument about “fiat money” with Jack’s wife, Lynn, the high school English teacher, whose lax notions about home cleaning and the desirability of take-out fast food make your mother angry.)

Better you should actually work on bringing peace to the Middle East, no?

Still, there is always time to look at the beautiful shoes, and there are few shoes more beautiful than these wonderful silvery peep-toe sandals from the Rupert Sanderson.

Ahhhh, the soothing power of beautiful shoes. Now you are refreshed! Back to the annotated seating charts, you’ve almost got it!