Louboutin Miss Fred Tacco vs Steve Madden Becks

Miss Fred Tacco Boot from Christian Louboutin   Manolo Likes! Click!Steve Madden Becks, or is it?

Manolo says, on the left you see the beautiful Miss Fred Tacco Boot from Christian Louboutin which the Manolo mentioned earlier today, retail price $695.

On the right you see the Steve Madden Becks patent leather bootie which was spotted by the Manolo’s internet friend Carrie, and priced at $149.95.

Clearly, the Louboutin has inspired the Madden shoe, although, if one looks closely, as our internet friend Cassandra has done…

Is it just me or is the picture on the Steve Madden link Carrie posted the same exact picture of Louboutin’s shoe, but with the red sole photoshopped out?

And that is indeed the exact conclusion of the Manolo, that the graphic designers at the Steve Madden have simply stolen the Saks Fifth Avenue picture, applied the computer, and… hey presto! It is now the Steve Madden shoe!

Of the course, the other Steve Madden Becks Booties, in the different colors, required slightly more complex photoshopping mad skillz…



Miss Fred Tacco Boot From Christian Louboutin

Miss Fred Tacco Boot from Christian Louboutin   Manolo Likes! Click!

Manolo says, the more the Manolo looks at this black patent leather bootie from Christian Louboutin, the more the Manolo has come to like it. For the Manolo it is the gold piping and the gold heel that have been both troubling and endearing.

“Is it too much? Maybe… No… Yes… Maybe… It is cute.”

Such are the internal deliberations of the Manolo.

As for the name, the Miss Fred Tacco, the Manolo has no idea.


Footwear at the Forefront

Manolo says, the Manolo’s shoe-loving friend Wayne sends the Manolo the link to this article in the Toronto Star

Among the curiosities on the fall 2007 runways: Balenciaga’s Lego/robot shoes, Chloe’s curved cone heels, and Stella McCartney’s tilted platforms that angle the toes towards the sky.

Spring offerings are even more theatrical with Prada heels that look like floral doorstops. Marc Jacobs’ surreal runway styles included some where the models’ heels rested above the shoes.

The current selection at Holt Renfrew Bloor St. bears out the trend, with “hidden” platforms cloaked in green leather and heels that look like shiny black popsicles, or sawed-off coffee table legs.

No wonder the new shoe department at Saks Fifth Avenue’s New York flagship store has its own zip code.

“Footwear seems to be where it’s at when it comes to the forefront of design,” comments Tommy Ton, a photographer who documents street fashion in Toronto and abroad. After the recent spring ’08 collections in Europe and New York, Ton believes that the excitement in fashion has shifted to ground level.

“Footwear has always been an art form but designers are really pushing the envelope and treating it like art,” Ton says. “They’re giving women something more visually stimulating and challenging to sink their teeth and pocketbooks into. Fabrications and ornamentation are becoming more elaborate and eccentric.”

“At the Dior store in Paris, some of the shoes are like works of art,” says Debra Anissimoff, owner of two Zola Shoes stores in Toronto. “They are embellished, and strapped, and so over the top, with heels like a series of red lacquer balls.”

The more cutting-edge styles are presented in a separate gallery-like environment that enhances the wow factor. “Seeing those shoes on the shelves – you could have been looking at a glass vase,” Anissimoff says.

That feetwear is currently at the forefront of fashion design is not news to the regular readers of the Manolo, for it is here, at the humble shoe blog of the Manolo, where shoes have always and forever been celebrated as high art.

That others are just now coming to realize this pleases the Manolo very much.

What the Manolo Is…

Manolo says, it is Tuesday, time to see what the Manolo is…


Listening to…


Simply put, Ratatouille, (which is now available on the DVD, and which the Manolo has purchased) is the best movie the Manolo has seen all year.