Manolo the Columnist

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Washington Post Express.

Dear Manolo,

My husband, who is an associate at a white-shoe law firm, says I must accompany him to his firm’s annual holiday party. Things will be especially tense this year as he’s up for partner. What do you suggest?


Manolo says, what does the Manolo suggest? Selling your house and cars and vacation home, moving from the city to Tennessee, and taking up goat farming.

Undoubtedly the Manolo’s friend would be happier in the more relaxed setting, where powerful lawyers and their consorts do not do regularly do the stylized and brutal “Dance of Status and Position”.

Yes, this will be the giant expensive holiday party, but no one will be especially cheery, except for the most senior retired partners. These men, well into the second childhood of their dotage, will sit at the tables gumming sugar cookies, oogling hot young associates, and dreaming happily of raccoon coats and rumble seats. Having forgotten all that their profession forced them to learn, they alone will be content.

But, until the deed on Rancho Cabrón Encatado is signed you must make the most of the difficult situation. Go to the party, smile, be gracious, do your spouse credit with your composure and beauty. And wear especially beautiful shoes.

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