The Shoe Star!

Manolo says, the Manolo’s friend, the very witty Anthony Cady, of the FIT, sends the Manolo this following bit of very exciting news.

Who will be America’s next great shoe designer? Footwear News and Nine West have joined forces with the Fashion Institute of Technology to launch the first ever “Shoe Star” contest whereby students will compete in a series of challenges that will culminate in the naming of the next rising star in shoe design.

“Shoe Star was created to showcase new talent,” says Footwear Group’s Editorial Director Michael Atmore. “The shoe industry is in critical need of innovative, young designers who want to build a meaningful career. Shoe Star will offer one lucky designer a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make their mark.” To determine the seven contestants who will compete in the contest, FIT’s seniors in the accessories program will submit a shoe produced in sample form, as well as sketches, and a 150 word essay explaining why he/she should be a contestant. Applications will be judged by the Footwear News editorial team based on their creativity and ability to show their level of professionalism.

On January 28th, 2008, FN will announce the seven “Shoe Star” contestants and a series of six exciting challenges designed to help determine who will win the ultimate Grand Prize. Among the challenges will be a “Red Carpet Challenge” where each contestant will design a red carpet shoe for a pre- determined celebrity. As part of the challenge, the contestants will have to incorporate Swarovski crystals into the design, as well as consider the celebrity’s personal style. Swarovski is a participating sponsor.

The competition will have three core judges: FN’s Editorial Director Michael Atmore, Nine West’s Creative Director Fred Allard, and FIT Representative and Chairperson of Accessories Design Department Ellen Goldstein. Celebrity guest judges will also occupy a seat on the panel as the competition progresses. The challenges will be judged 40% on conceptual design/creativity, 20% on fabrication/materials, 20% on appropriateness for market/customer, and 20% on technical specification.

Of the course, the best news of all is that our friend Anthony Cady, who teaches shoe design at the FIT, informs the Manolo that he is to be the Shoe Star version of Tim Gunn! He will be the person on site at the FIT guiding the young designers. This is very exciting news, indeed.

And now, if they will only ask the Manolo to be the celebrity judge everything will be perfect!