Dissent at the Blog of the Manolo

Manolo says, not everyone agrees that the Crocs Mammoths should be abominations unto the Manolo. Such is the case with this comment, left this morning at the blog of the Manolo.

This is SOOO sad. You people are all up in arms over SHOES? That you “wouldn’t be caught dead” in? I don’t know what is sadder, the fact that you absolutely hate something SO much (which, by the way, are JUST shoes!), or the fact that you feel the need to have a website devoted to your hate for said shoes. Men: Crocs Men's Mammoth - Red/oatmeal

My 5 year old son LOVES them, he had a pair this summer and practically wore them everyday (except when he HAD to wear sneakers), and I just ordered him a pair of the mammoths for winter. I actually like them, too. I had some in the summer and just ordered myself some mammoths as well. What I think is so “sad” and should be “the end of the world” as you all refer to THESE shoes, is the fact that you would go out and spend a ridiculous amount (YES, $800 or more on a pair of uncomfortable heels simply because they say “Manolo” is RIDICULOUS). You act as though these shoes are “beneath” you all, but I guaran-damn-tee you all that if they weren’t made by Crocs, but by Manolo, you’d all just HAVE to have them. And you all have to through in the comments about what’s good for the environment and what’s not, but I’d be willing to bet that the environment is not on ANY of your minds when you are out buying your Manolos, huh?

Be damned if I am going to go broke buying heels that will hurt my feet and ruin them in the long run when I can buy something for a tiny fraction of the price and be comfortable. And, in response to a comment that someone left on here, it DOES matter that they are comfortable. Yes, I understand that your flannel boxers are comfortable too and you don’t go out in them, but if you did, I wouldn’t judge you. Unfortunately you cannot say the same because just about every single comment I have read on here shows what kind of materialistic, judgemental, arrogant people you all are. THAT is what is sad…not a Croc shoe.

Consider the Manolo chastened!