That Guy or the Diamonds?

Manolo says, the Manolo’s shoe-obsessed friend Wayne poses the qustion.

Since you happen to have a well-read blog by American women, I have a question I’d like to put to your readers:

If you’ve looked at TV the past few weeks, there’s a commercial running for a jewelry store (yes, it’s THAT time of the season) where a man is painting his wife’s/girlfriend’s/fiancee’s toenails, and asks (I can’t quote the ad verbatim), “How do they look?”…His woman replies, “They look fine”, to which he answers, “I think they need another coat.” A voiceover says, “Because you’re not THAT GUY, there’s Helzberg Diamonds.”

QUESTION: Would a woman rather have THAT GUY, or the diamonds?

And here, through the magic of YouTube is the commercial in question…

So, dear readers, satisfy the Wayne’s (and the Manolo’s) curiosity: That guy or the diamonds?