The Million Dollar Shoes

Manolo says, it is time again for the Academy Awards, and thus also time for the shoe designer Stuart Weitzman to unveil his annual Million Dollar Shoes, which this year will be worn to the ceremony by Diablo Cody.

The “Juno” writer, a former stripper, has been chosen to wear footwear designer Stuart Weitzman’s million-dollar shoes to the big event at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.

The “Retro Rose” shoe features two Kwiat diamond roses, fixed to 1940s-style beige metallic T-strap high heels.

More than 1,800 Kwiat diamonds weighing 100 carats were used to make the roses and 400 of them have been incorporated into the design of the shoe, which is worth over $1 million.

Shoe mogul Weitzman has also created a ballerina flat with a similar diamond-like design, which Cody will change into after she walks the red carpet and kicks off her high heels.

This is the first time Weitzman has created a changeover pair of shoes with a matching design element for use at the Academy Awards.

The Manolo loves these shoes, they are glamorous and retro and pretty. Perfect for the stripper-turned-screenwriter Cody, who gives off that self-consciously quirky, tatooted, 1940s pin-up girl vibe that is common among the indie alt-rock crowd.

UPDATE: Ayyyy! Maybe Cody Diablo, er Diablo Cody, will wear the shoes, and maybe she won’t wear the shoes!