Elie Tahari for the Spring

Viola Peep-Toe Flats from Elie Tahari   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, here is the delightful pair of the silver peep-toe flats from the Elie Tahari, the perfect shoe to wear with your new spring time dress, the one you had bought because it matched that darling ivory-colored half cardigan you had in your closet.

Of the course, you had bought the ivory colored half cardigan because of that tall, broad-shouldered blond boy with the tousled hair and ready smile, who works down on the third floor.

Every time you see him, you think to yourself, “He should be wearing the varsity letterman’s sweater and saddle shoes, so clean cut and nice, with those swoon-worthy boyishly-masculine good looks and blue eyes of his.”

And for many weeks you had these persistent fantasies of buying the perfect poodle skirt and bobby socks and asking him to the Sadie Hawkins dance, except this is 2008, and you are the modern woman, with the modern woman problems like paying the rent and clawing your way up the career ladder, and besides for all you know, he might go home each night to the Christopher Street flat, where he waits patiently for his boyfriend to return from his job as the Joan Crawford impersonator.

So, instead of the poodle skirt, you settled on this ivory colored half-cardigan because it had just enough of that fifties feel, without seeming costumey, and then you bought the spring dress because it was pretty and on sale.

And then, guess what?!?

Not only is that blond boy not seeing the Joan Crawford impersonator, but your friend Ashley in accounting just texted you to say that he has just broken off the long-distance relationship with the girl back home in Kansas.

“O RLY?” you reply to Ashley, thinking about the shoes you will need on your first Saturday afternoon outing with him.