Never teh Bride in the New York Post!

Manolo says, the Manolosphere’s own treasured wedding-expert diva, the Never teh Bride (a.k.a. Christa Terry) has been interviewed for the article in the New York Post!

“Given the state of the economy, people are seeing that it’s smarter to use money they would’ve spent on their wedding on more useful, permanent things like buying a house or a new car,” says Christa Terry, author of “iDo: Planning Your Wedding with Nothing but ‘Net.

Terry says New Yorkers – who spend an average of $46,000 on their nuptials – are getting in on the trend.


There are plenty of other cost-cutting measures to explore, says Terry. “There are so many great ways to save money that people don’t know about, starting with when and where you choose to have it,” she says.

Terry suggests checking out cheaper reception options like state parks and museums, since many of them charge significantly less than wedding halls and restaurants.

Other ideas include opting for buffet-style meals instead of full-service and choosing simpler favors, like chocolates.

But the best way to trim expenses, says Terry, is to use the Internet.

“It allows you to shop around and compare prices, so you can buy items like flowers and favors in bulk at the best prices,” she says. “Additionally, there’s such a wider variety of products to choose from, which [can] make your wedding more original than those who go the traditional route.”

Naturally, the Manolo is exceedingly proud of his wonderfully talented blogging friend.