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Super Fantastic Elie Tahari Tuesday

Catalina by Elie Tahari   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Here for your Tuesday enjoyment are the incredibly, super fantastically, beautiful peep-toed pumps from the Elie Tahari.

Shoes so gorgeous that they may cause you to desire to strike your mother. (And here the Manolo notes that there are certain idiomatic English phrases that make absolutely no sense, but which sound marvelously evocative, no?)


Manolo says, like the Manolo, you may have heard about the uber-lux, uber-impractical AGA stove, well, so too has the Mr. Henry.

What the Manolo Is…

Manolo says, it is Tuesday, time to see what the Manolo is…



Listening to…

One of the more surprising and pleasurable thing about living in Argentina is the incredible number movies that are shown on the television here in Buenos Aires, dozens each night spread over several different cable channels. Most of these films are the usual Hollywood movies, both recent and classic, shown most often in the original English with the subtitles (although movies dubbed into Argentine Spanish are common enough).

However, also spread among the products of Hollywood are the goodly number of French, German, Japanese, Chinese, and Italian films, and occasionally, you will see things that are totally unexpected, such as movies from Usbekistan or Hungary (when was the last time you thought of the words “Hungary” and “movies” without also thinking “Gabor”?) shown in their original langues with the Spanish subtitles.

In all, it is most amusing.