The Teeny Manolo

Manolo says, if you are not reading the Teeny Manolo, you are missing out. Just this week alone, for the example, our friend Raincoaster has located the video that has elicted the following comment.

He’s going to be really disappointed when he grows up and realizes he’s not a king or some sort of wizard.

While the darling Glinda, is angered by the new internet website.

Yet I have to admit that another part of me is pissed. Angry that a website had to be developed to do something that every single parent should be doing, and doing happily. It really bursts Glinda’s bubbles, if you know what I mean.

Hurry, you are missing the fun at the Teeny Manolo.


The Booties Are Hawt!

Manolo says, behold, the new fashion trend has gripped the nation to it’s bosom.

Why are New York women wearing ankle boots?

“Because we follow trends,” said Maya Beaumier, 18, a college freshman who was hanging out on University Place last Friday night, clad in flat black ankle boots with black leggings and scrubby denim shorts.

“Yeah, we’re followers!” said her friend Maureen Flanagan, also an 18-year-old freshman and also wearing little zip-up ankle boots […]

The coeds have done their homework. Ankle boots are, in fact, the shoe of the year. (They’re also known as “booties,” but because that word sounds like two different slang terms plus one type of children’s footwear, we’re not going to use it.)

The abbreviated boots can snuggle into the bottom of a pair of skinny jeans like a screw, or cap off a long bare leg like a shiny black cherry. And many are wearing them with shorts and tights, for a kind of cute elf look (it makes sense, since these days, only Santa Claus is hiring). Works if you’re under 30.

Ankle boots can be flat or stiletto (like Jennifer Lopez’s 5.5-inch YSLs); sleek or baroque; buckled (like the witchy red ones strapped on by Kate Bosworth recently), zipped or both. Earthy mauve and camel ankle boots exist, but the up-to-date option is clearly the kind that make you look like a sexy Martian.

So you wish to be the “sexy Martian,” like this, perhaps?

Or, perhaps not.

Sexy Martian girls, aside, the Manolo is himself is the fan of the latest ankle booties. Indeed, after several seasons in which the couture shoes have become increasingly outlandish, perhaps it is time for something fresh.

And yet, who wishes to be the “follower” of trends, for despite the assurances of 18-year-old coeds everywhere, not every style is suitable for everyone, especially for the smart, independent lady of the particular age.

And yet again, ankle booties are tres fun, and so you naturally wish to find the pair that works, but you must also find the pair that does not make you look ridiculous. Ayyy! Such trouble!

Fear not, internet friends, for the Manolo is here to help you find booties that are both au courant, and yet suitable for those who are not the sexy, bubbleheaded, teenaged, Martian coeds.

Look! Here is the serious suede ankle bootie from Gravati

Black Suede Ankle Boot from Gravati   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Perhaps, these are too intellectual and somber for you, in which case the Manolo tells you to whoop it up, with these platform booties, the Whoop from Stuart Weitzman.

Whoop Bootie from Stuart Weitzman   Manolo Likes! ClicK!

Or, maybe these, the Lily Boot from Kate Spade.

Lily Boot from Kate Spade     Manolo Likes!  Click!

Ankle booties, trendy, stylish, and fun. What is there not to like?

Whose Shoes Wednesday…The Answer!

Manolo asked, whose shoes?

Manolo answers, it is the President-to-be, Barack Obama!

Congratulations to the Manolo’s internet friend Cassandra who was the first to identify this most important personage of note.

P.S. As for the photo below, in which Barack appears to be pantless, the explanation is shown above: he is sitting down.