Manolo the Columnist

Manolo says, here is the latest column of the Manolo.

Dear Manolo

I’m going to be visiting San Francisco for a friend’s wedding in June. While there, my husband and I will be visiting as many vineyards as my bridesmaid duties will allow. Could you please recommend some fun yet comfortable shoes that would be appropriate for such a venture?


Manolo says, finding the proper shoes for the summer wine country trip is the question near to the Manolo’s heart and belly. Indeed, the Manolo spent most of February in Chile and Northern Argentina, touring various wineries and partaking extensively of the fruit of the vine.

Frankly, the Manolo is not much of the wine expert. He is more of the amateur enthusiast, avidly gulping glass after glass of bold reds, while his more refined companions sniff, swirl, and expectorate knowingly.

“Manolo don’t you think this ‘cab’ has strong undertones of currents, citron, leather, together with a tiny soupçon of kumquat?”

To which the Manolo, nods, holds out the glass to the tour guide and says “Mmmm, kumquaty. Please, more.”

As for what to wear to the winery, the Manolo would remind his friend that rural California is hot and dusty and exceedingly casual in June, and so it is best to dress accordingly. Look, here is the D Tori by Geox!

D Tori 05 by Geox   Manolo Likes!  Click!