Manolo the Columnist

Manolo says, here is the Manolo´s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

I am going to LA in April to visit an old high-school boyfriend, whom I haven´t seen in almost 28 years. He has proposed various outings at the beach, rollerblading on the boardwalk, climbing in the mountains, and visiting clubs in Malibu, but alas! I am the NY girl and possess very few action/adventure type shoes. What should I wear?


Manolo says, Ayyyy! The Perfect Chick Flick!

Our heroine (to be played by Diane Lane) has reached the Age of the Middle with the typical sort of romantic scars. Perhaps the Mr. Right has never come along, or perhaps he whom she thought was Mr. Right turned out to be Mr. Having-It-Off-With-the-Co-Worker.

Either way, in the opening scene she is alone, just her, the television, and the giant bowl of Rocky Road, when she notices that the name of the composer of the heartfelt and soaring music which accompanies the latest film vesion of the minor Jane Austen classic bears the name suspiciously similar to that of her first boyfriend.

“I mean, come on, how many Andrew W. Gabblefarbs can there be, right?”

Ten minutes, and one furious session of Google-fu later, and she has the email!

Cut to the parking lot outside of the Moonshadows Lounge, on the Pacific Coast Highway, where, following the full day of rollerblading up the side of the Santa Monica Mountains, her rediscovered love, Andy, taller and handsomer than ever, has taken her for the nightcap. As he helps her into the passenger side of his spotless Bentley, he steals the sly kiss… powerfully reciprocated!

Fade to black.

What can be more action/adventure than the cowboy boot, which is also very “of the moment” in Los Angeles. Here is the N4539 5/4 from Lucchese, perfert to pair with jeans, or barelegged with the short black dress.
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