Ayyyy! Monday Puzzle Corner

Manolo says, this week, the Spirit Fingers invites us to identify the boy idols before the went bad.


Stuart Weitzman for the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and you are back at your desking working…working for the weekend. Indeed, everybody is working for the weekend, everybody wants the little romance, and everybody need the second chance.

And you know, it is still as true today as it was in 1981.

Only now, the weekends you are working for are very different.

Instead of spending most of the Saturday afternoon teasing up your hair with Aquanet, and encasing yourself in the red nauguahyde mini-dress, in preparation for what Loverboy refered to as “the show, Baby let´s go!”, now you get up early, put on your mom jeans and sweatshirt and go to the garden shop, where you argue with your husaband about the necessity of buying the industrial-sized jug of Round-up. (Gary wants to, quote, “take off and nuke the site from orbit.” While you take the more live-and-let-live attitude towards the crabgrass.)

Ayyyy! Once, you pretended you were the second coming of Laura Brannigan, now your highest aspiration is ecologically sound lawn care!


Still, it has always been thus, no? One day, we are young and defiant and full glamourous dreams involving unusually large hair, and the next (if we are lucky) we are living the mostly comfortable life of the middle-aged person.

Of the course, this does not mean that we should roll over and play dead, does it? You deserve to live the little, get out of the comfort zone briefly. There are worse things then possibly looking foolish, no?

Look at your divorced friend Cindy. Everyone was making fun of her for wearing the cowboy boots with the short black dress, and yet, here is the postcard from her, talking about how she and Andy (you remember him?) went to dinner last week with Mel Gibson out in Malibu!

You know what you need right now? Red shoes. Red shoes with the peep toes, and you need to make Gary take you dancing this weekend. Let him poison the whole neighborhood, for all you care, as long as you get your disco adventure!

Look, here is the Max from Stuart Weitzman! And it is on the sale!

from Stuart Weitzman    Manolo Likes!  Click!