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Christian Louboutain for The Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday, and another Mother’s Day has passed and left you feeling slightly less than fully cherished and honored.

It is not that your children (and their enabler, your husband) did not try to make the day special for you, for indeed they did attempt to specialify it their own peculiar manner.

Sometimes, contrary to the popular banality, it is not the thought that counts. Sometimes, it is the actual item, or the manner in which it is delivered that counts.

Take, for the example, that celebratory breakfast in bed, prepared by your teenagers, delivered by your pre-teen, and semi-supervised by your man. Yes, the eggs were undercooked and the coffee over-bitter, but the real problem was that you were compelled to lie in the beatifically maternal state under the tray, pretending to enjoy the meal while your bladder screamed out for relief.

To say nothing of the marmalade stains on your comforter.

Let us agree that our new Mother’s Day tradition includes time for the mother get up, do her business, put on her finest houserobe, and arrange her hair into something more presentable. Then, and only then, can the digital camera make it’s appearance.

“Smile, Mom! Oh, wow, look at that hair! I’m going to put this one on my Facebook account!”

Take, also for the example, the celebratory Mother’s Day dinner at Cooter Brown’s Rib Shack. Yes, your slab of pork ribs was bar-b-qued to perfection, and the hot wings were suitably spicy, and your bottomless Mason jar of sweet tea was frequently refilled…but still, there was that nagging question at the back of your mind, “What? Was Hooters all booked up?”

Well, at the least, the Russell Stover’s chocolate sampler from your husband was tasty, even if it was delivered in the Target bag together with the receipt for the oil filter and the packet of tube socks.

You know what would have made your Mother’s Day, super fantastically special? Special shoes from Chiristan Louboutain that spell out “Love”!


Why, they are just like your family, impractical and faintly ridiculous, and yet also, just like your family, so filled with good intentions and sweetness, so brazenly about love, that any errors of judgment can be easily overlooked, indeed embraced as what makes them special.