Beverly Feldman for the Friday

Manolo says, it is Friday in late July and you are itching to get yourself out the door of your office and to the weekend. But you cannot, because your Boss, Mr. Napoleon H. Stalin, is standing there asking you to work hard on his useless tasks until quitting time. The nerve of that man!

And you would like to shout, “Talk to the hand, you petty tyrant!” to be accompanied by the appropriate hand and/or finger gestures.

But then, you know that if you do that you will be out on the street looking for work in this economy, which you will probably not find. And then, slowly your savings will be eaten away, and you will fall behind on the bills and the mortgage, and then your house will be foreclosed upon and your entire family will be forced to move in with your parents. The fate worse than death!

And so you suck it up, and drive on, doing exactly that which your boss has specified, even if you can feel your soul slowly draining down into your toes.

What you need right now is to look at some fancy lady shoes! And the fanciest ladyest shoes are from Beverly Feldman!

Here are three shoes that will cheer you.

Milady from Beverly Feldman     Manolo Likes!  Click!

Above is the Milady, the flowerly suede number that makes the Manolo smile.

Fire-Isle from Beverly Feldman   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Here is the Fire-Isle, the kitten heeled thong sandal with the exuberant adornment.

And finally, here is the aptly-named Stunning from Beverly Feldman
Stunning from Beverly Feldman   Manolo Likes!  Click!


Did the Manolo mention that all three of these marvelous shoes are currently on the sale, nearly 40% off of the regular price? Indeed they are, as are many shoes at the Zappos!

P.S. Do you know that sometimes the super fantastic Beverly Feldman herself leaves the comments on the humble shoe blog of the Manolo.