Shoe Shopping in Madrid

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s internet friends has asked the Manolo the question.

I will be in Madrid and Barcelona in February and wonder if you or Patricia could give some suggestions for shoe shopping in those cities. I love Spanish shoes! Any other recommendations (for clothes, jhewelry, great restaurants) would be appreciated as well. I know you’re not a travel blog but any direction you could give a shoe and fashion lover would be great! Thanks!

Nearly three and the half years ago, the Manolo answered the same question, and the advice he gave at that time, to go shoe shopping on the Calle Augusto Figeroa near the Plaza Chueca, is still perfectly cromulent. And, likewise, the Manolo continues to recommend the Bodega Angel Sierra for the vermouth, Bocaito for the tapas, and Cafe Bardemcilla (whose owner has only gotten more famous in America) for the celebrity spotting.

By the way, when the Manolo lived in Madrid, lo these many years ago, he lived exactly one half the block from the corner of Augusto Figeroa and Libertad, in the very heart of the shoe shopping district, which is one of many reasons why he can make these recommendations with complete assurance.

And now, because the shoppingistas have embraced the ever-improving interweb technology for videos, there are even videos discussing shoe shopping in Chueca!

Truly we live in the age of vicarious wonders!

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