Spectator Shoes from Shorpy

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s many internet friends has asked him the question.

Dear Manolo,

I was wondering if you know of a manufacturer of a shoe similar to the one in this photo?

Classic Womens Spectator Shoes



Ayyyy! This photo is from the Shorpy, and the Manolo loves the Shorpy blog, as should anyone who loves looking at pictures (and the clothings) of the past. Indeed, in some ways, the Shorpy is the Manolo’s favorite street style blog. And as for the fabulous retro-antique-classical clothings found there, well, one of the Manolo’s bestest of friends is at this very moment attempting to manufacture the jacket designed from the Shorpy photograph.

Naturally, however, it is the shoes that draw the eye of the Manolo, and this lady’s spectator shoes are most super fantastic indeed. Look, here is the more detailed picture for your consideration.

Lady's Spectator Shoe

Unfortunately, off the top of his head, the Manolo cannot come up with anyone making ladies shoes in this exact style. Certainly, the low-heeled spectator shoe has been revived by several top designers in the past decade, most notably the Prada, although none have produced anything as interesting as this shoe. If the Manolo is not mistaken, this casual, sporty (sports?) shoe has the crepe rubber sole.

Sad to say that unless one of the Manolo’s internet friends has the idea, this shoe, with it’s labor-intensive stitchery and fantastic styling would have to be produced by the custom shoemaker, and is not available ready-to-wear in this century.