Ugg Believable

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s internet friends has disagreed with the Manolo’s stance on the Ugg Boots.

Dear Manolo,

I came across your Ugg response to the mom. Can’t say I disagree more. I went to a recent award show where P. Diddy was honored (yes fab) He told this tear jerking story about how his mom worked 3 jobs to take care of her kids including caring for adults with cerebral palsy – getting only 3 hours of sleep a night. To think I had always judged Mama Combs so harshly for her red carpet fits which included cleavage and lots of fur. After hearing her story I say she can wear whatever she wants. Where do we get these silly ideas that women after a certain age can’t have fun anymore. Men continue to wear their silly shorts with their bony pale legs way into their sixties. Yet us girls must be age appropriate. I say ‘Mom” if you wanna wear some Uggs go for it, not with a mini skirt, but definitely with some non-mom jeans and a cute warm sweater. Hopefully you’re raising a great kid – so hey you deserve it.

30 year old Ugg wearer

The Manolo believes that just because one makes the bad fashion choices does not indicate that one is the bad person, indeed, there are beautifully tailored men and stylish women who are loathsome, just as there are kind, cheerful, and humane people dressed in outlandish or shabby costumes. One is not necessarily connected to the other.

The reason the Manolo singles out the Ugg boots usage among the older ladies is that such things send the wrong message (“Look at me! I’m trying desperately to be youthful!), and because it is the opportunity missed.

If you are the lady of the certain age, there are so many better things to put on your body. Indeed, it is more fun for the fully grown woman to get dressed up in something beautiful, surprising, flattering, and age-appropriate than it is to ape the childish and attention-getting fads of the teenagers. ( Tattoos of SpongeBob the Square Pants may be cute when you are 19 and stupid, but when you are 50, they are just sad.)

And so the Manolo objects to the Uggs because wearing them prevents one from dressing in better things, things that can indicate you are the person of sophistication, intelligence, and, yes, fun, such as this this, the Quinn from Donald J. Pliner

Quinn Boot from Donald J. Pliner   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Whose Shoes Wednesday…The Answer!

Manolo asked whose shoes?


Manolo answers, it is the Ethel Merman!

Congratulations to the Manolo’s internet friend EdeVM who was the first to correctly identify this week’s brassy personage of note. And, the special shout out to the Manolo’s internet friend Poppy who did not say the name, but recognized the magnificent boots shown above were from the Annie Get Your Gun.