What the Manolo is…

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s internet friends has the request of the Manolo.

Dear Manolo,
I am the Mary (well, not The Mary, but the Mary around here). I agree with you about Crocs, and you have done the Lord’s work there, and I appreciate your references to your affiliated blogs. I am a big fan of the Manolo.

What I miss are the Tuesday updates on what the Manolo reads, watches and hears. I have enjoyed many tips from these postings. I understand if it is too much work for the Manolo to be able to make these recommendations on a weekly basis, but I would appreciate semimonthly or even monthly reports.

Will you consider resuming them?

Your email friend,


Ayyyy! Such kind words for the humble shoeblogger. How can the Manolo possibly reject this request, not when it is so wonderfully asked, and certainly not when, within days of the Mary’s message, this letter arrived from another of the Manolo’s internet friends.

Hi Manolo,

It’s weird how I ended up reading your blog, think I was googling for a pair of Louboutins, but anyhow, I read a movie review you did where you mentioned the book The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker, I checked it out and it is a completely amazing book. Wanted to say thanks for alerting the public to a great piece of reading :)



The super fantastic Tiffany has makes reference to one of the Manolo’s Tuesday “What the Manolo is…” in which the Manolo discussed the movie Annie Hall.

And, now, in honor of Mary and Tiffany, the Manolo announces that it is Tuesday, time to see what the Manolo is…



Listening to…

The Manolo makes no secret of his admiration for the thespianic abilites of Robert Downey, Jr, and in this new Sherlock Holmes movie the Manolo is happy to report that he has not been disappointed in the least. Robert Downey, Jr. is excellent as Sherlock Holmes, unexpectedly excellent, wonderfully excellent.

Likewise, this is the first movie in which Jude Law’s more meager talents have been perfectly exploited. (Jude Law as the lead actor? Do not want. Jude Law as the elevated supporting actor. Yes, please.) He is the fine Dr. Watson, and as good as he’s ever been.

“But, Manolo,” you are perhaps saying to yourself, “what about Guy Ritchie’s transformation of Sherlock Holmes from the gray cerebral being (a la Jeremy Brett) into the bareknuckled Mr. Action Man? Does this not bother you?”

To which the Manolo replies, “Not in the least.”

Indeed, not only was the Manolo thoroughly entertained by the new slam-bang version of Sherlock Holmes, moreover he considers this to be Guy Ritchie’s greatest movie ever, well-crafted and briskly paced, and completely devoid of any touch of Madonna.