Cold Blooded

Paulina Porizkova, Spoiled Milk

Manolo says, people in the fashion business, they are so nice!

The real fun, though, was in the ladies’ room. I walked in and almost straight into Anna Wintour. “Hi, Anna,” I said brightly to Anna’s mirror reflection. Her large eyes in her large head flickered. And with the slightest nod, one that may have been a twitch, she left me standing at the sinks. I admit I felt a bit more than slighted, I was after all, on quite a few covers of her magazine, and the glance she gave me is one I’d give to an expired carton of milk. I am aware my expiration date (as a model) is long past, but a slight acknowledgment that I wasn’t the bathroom attendant would have been nice.

Clearly, this cannot be Anna Wintour, as there is no way Paulina Porizkova could have seen Ms. Nosferatu’s reflection in the mirror.