The Miami from Bernardo

Miami from BernardoMiami from Bernardo

Manolo says, the summer it is almost here, and you know what that means…time for the Bernardo sandals!

Why, if they are good enough for the Jackie O to have owned 16 pairs for her size eleventy feets they are good enough for your much daintier toes.


The Manolo on Facebook

The Manolo reminds you that he has finally become part of the social media revolution, the one in which the whole world becomes BFF through the medium of the electronic “wall” postings.

Manolo on Facebook

Naturally, he would be most honored if you would consider Facebookically befriending him.

Whose Shoes Wednesday

Manolo asks, whose shoes?

What the Manolo Is…

Manolo says, it is Tuesday, time to see what the Manolo is…


Listening to…


The Manolo commends to you the oeuvre of the French prankster Rémi Gaillard, who is sort of like Johnny Knoxville only more impish and surreal, and much, much funnier. For the example, the last minute of this video made the Manolo laugh so hard that he had to wipe away the tears…

And the next prank is so irresistibly sweet and funny…


Gucci Drew Patent Leather Sandals For the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and you are back at your desk and noting that the frantic scramble to reserve the annual vacation times has already nearly passed you by.

Luckily, you managed to snag your customary dates of the second and third weeks of July, when you and Gary traditionally take the kids to the lake for two weeks of sunburn, poison ivy, and undercooked hamburgers.

Not so lucky was Jessica, the habitually crabby lady who works two cubicles over, who when she went to put her name on the roster discovered that Jeannie the New Girl had already taken the time period which Jessica has long viewed as her personal possession.

“Who does this girl think she is? I’ve been here seventeen years, and everyone knows that the first two weeks of June….” and so forth.

Worse, much worse, when Jessica the Crabby noted this “fact” to Jeannie the New Girl, Jeannie just shrugged her shoulders and walked away, leaving Jessica spluttering with rage.

Much, much, much worse, for the past week and the half, your work place has grown increasingly intolerable, as Jessica has launched the campaign of complaining, wheedling, whining and barely contained hostility against Jeannie the New Girl and anyone who would dare come to her defense, which, unfortunately, included you.

And now, today, the day is more than half done, and already you’ve had to endure Jessica’s passive-aggressive non-greetings in the coffee room, overhearing three very loud, one-sided telephonic conversations that Jessica supposedly had with her significant other about rearranging vacation dates, but which you suspect were really for your benefit, and the mysterious disappearance of your favorite red Swingline stapler (the birthday gift from Gary, signed by Stephen Root, himself).

Something will have to be done, like talking to the boss lady about this, and soon if you wish to make your working life more tolerable.

But first, you need to go to your happy place, and so you surf to the humble shoe blog of the Manolo, where there are funny things that will make you laugh, and pictures of beautiful shoes

Gucci Drew Patent Leather Sandals

Such as this striking Drew Patent Leather sandal from Gucci!

Ah, better already.


Jeremy Scott Bone Heels

Manolo says, yes, yes, Wilma and Betty, etc, etc.

Jeremy Scott Bone Heels for AdidasJeremy Scott Bone Heels for Adidas

And yet, even as we acknowledge the debt designer Jeremy Scott has paid to the people at Hanna-Barbera, we must also note that these shoes, although amusing, are only half as amusing as they think they are.

For the Manolo, they are perhaps too obvious, the joke perhaps too labored. Or perhaps the real problem is that the Manolo wonders about the circumstances in which one could wear these peculiar shoes.

Part of what made the famous Marc Jacobs mouse shoes so wonderful was that they were casual shoes, which mean that one could safely enjoy their whimsicality without undermining one’s style choices. The problem with the bone heels is that the joke has been wedded with the more formal court shoes, and thus to find the occasion where their humor would be appropriate or welcome with your black dress and pearls would be difficult.


Manolo the Columnists: Moschino Platform Sandals

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

My family is very traditional. Every year on Easter Sunday we get dressed up in new clothes and go to church, followed by a big dinner at my parents’ home in Virginia. This year I’ve selected a pale yellow shift. Can you recommend something fun and stylish to go with it?


Manolo says, oh how the Manolo loves the spring time!

Why, just the few weeks ago, we were in the midst of the twin disasters of the Snowmageddon and the Snopocalypse, and now, look out the window!

For the Manolo, the peak of the season arrives on the afternoon of Easter Sunday, when the Manolo puts on his best suit and finest straw boater, picks up his bamboo walking stick, and strolls uptown, cheerfully greeting his neighbors and friends along the way. Eventually he will reach the park, where he will sniff all the flowers, pet all the dogs, shake all the hands, and pat all the children on their heads.

Such are the small but meaningful pleasures of Spring.

Here is pair of lime-colored, high-heeled sandals from Moschino, that would be perfect for your Easter brunch.

Platform Sandals from Moschino


Spring Has Come With Love to Town!

Manolo sings…
Cimmy Sandal From Martinez Valero
Lenten ys come with loue to toune,
With blosmen ant with briddes roune,
That al this blisse bryngeth.
Dayeseyes in this dales,
Notes suete of nyhtegales,
Vch foul song singeth.
The threstelcoc him threteth oo;
Away is huere wynter wo
When woderoue springeth.
his foules singeth ferly fele
Ant wlyteth on huere wynne wele
That al the wode ryngeth.
Noelle from Juicy Couture
The rose rayleth hire rode;Cork Soled Wedge Sandal from Marc by Marc Jacobs
The leues on the lyhte wode
Waxen al with wille.
The mone mandeth hire bleo;
The lilie is lossom to seo,
The fenyle ant the fille.
Wowes this wilde drakes,
Miles murgeth huere makes
Ase strem that striketh stille.
Mody meneth, so doth mo;
Ichot Ycham on of tho
For loue that likes ille.
Estelle Flat from Dolce & Gabbana

The mone mandeth hire lyht,Jazz Cork Wedge Sandal from Mattise
So doth the semly sonne bryht,
When briddes singeth breme.
Deawes donketh the dounes;
Deores with huere derne rounes,
Domes forte deme.
Wormes woweth vnder cloude;
Wymmen waxeth wounder proude,
So wel hit wol hem seme.
Yef me shal wonte wille of on,
This wunne weole Y wole forgon,
Ant wyht in wode be fleme.

P.S. The translation.

Whose Shoes Wednesday…The Answer!

Manolo asked, whose shoes?

Jennifer Love Hewitts Shoes

Manolo answers, it is the Jennifer Love Hewitt!

Congratulations to the ChimChim, the multiple times winner, for once again being the first person to correctly identify this week’s celebrity of note.

Things Teeny Manolo Loves

Manolo says, indeed, who does not love the Captain Underpants?


The Manolo on Facebook

The Manolo reminds you that he is now on the Facebook.

Manolo on Facebook

He would be most happy and honored if you would consider making him your special Facebook ‘friend’.