Next Week on the Manolo: The Famous Guest Blogger!

Manolo says, please be sure to visit the humble shoe blog of the Manolo next week, starting on Monday, as for the first time ever, the Manolo will be joined by the guest blogger.

“Manolo, who is it,” you may naturally be asking.

To which the Manolo would reply, “It is the super fantastic famous person, whom you will immediately recognize.”

And that is all the Manolo is saying at this time, although you are free to speculate who it may be in the comments below.


Manolo the Columnist: Louie Louie by Joie

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

Now that summer is here I am in need of cute summer flats, which would be no problem, except comfort is a big thing for me and I like to wear socks with my shoes (less smelly shoes that way). Does a cute summer flat I can wear socks with exist?


Manolo says, normally, the Manolo would answer this question by saying that this is why God invented the sandal, so that even the most sweaty feets can enjoy the benefits of al fresco living.

However, the Manolo believes that there is something that is going unsaid in this letter, that perhaps the Manolo’s friend works in the place where sandals are not appropriate, such as in the office on Capital Hill, where the mere hint of womanly foot flesh has been known to drive senior senators into the unseemly frenzy of congressional lust.

The problem with the be-socked look is that, unless you are the 16-year-old runway model, it has the potential to be either dorky, or like that photo of your Belorussian nana standing by the tractor outside of Minsk.

Still, one may pull it off with the right socks and the right shoes. Thin peds are the best choice, although if the ankles must be covered — because of Senator Eustis T. Knuckles, chair of the Select Committee on Groping — then you must have very thin socks that are not mannish.

As for the shoes, the Louie Louie from Joie would look sophisticated and cool with cream-colored linen.

Louie Louie by Joie