Jimmy Choo Glacier Mirror Leather Sandals For the Monday

Manolo says, it is Monday and you are not at your desk, you are on vacation!

“Calloo, Callay,” you chortle in your joy, for you have slain the Jabber Boss!

Celebrate with beautiful shoes!

And so you surf on over to the Saks Fifth Ave to view the new arrivals, which you know to be always filled with the most exciting new shoes from the hoity-toity designers.

But, after the few minutes of looking you are depressed.

You are depressed because, while these expensive shoes are beautiful and exciting, they are also undeniably autumnal, in somber tones of black and brown, which depresses you because you are reminded that your life of freedom from work is fleeting, and that in the mere two weeks, as the fall approaches, you will return to the office, like the small child to the much despised school room.


And now, your vacation will have the slight tang of bitter ashes, all of your frolics tainted by the knowledge of what awaits at the end.

Wait…what is this?

Jimmy Choo Glacier Mirror Leather Sandals

It is the Jimmy Choo Glacier Mirror Leather Sandals, the beautifully elegant pair of evening sandals, perfect for wearing to those the sultry, evening soirees!

And suddenly, perhaps you are not so sad, for you have rememberd that it is the hardships of life that make its pleasures so much the sweeter…Or, so you will tell yourself as you count the days until the end of your vacation.


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