Manolo the Columnist: Hot Date from David Tate

Manolo says, here is the Manolo’s latest column for the Express of the Washington Post.

Dear Manolo,

In early September, I will be attending my cousin’s wedding at a church in one of those snooty Philadelphia Main Line towns. My problem is that I’m six months pregnant with twins, and my feet have swelled to ridiculous proportions, meaning that all of my best shoes no longer fit. Can you recommend some wide, pretty sandals in that don’t cost a fortune, as I’m hoping that my feet will eventually go back to their normal size.


Manolo says, you may rest assured, that if the Manolo were Emperor of the World (the job for which he is singularly well qualified) he would name all the pregnant ladies “Heroines of Fecundity”, the honor which immediately entitles its holder to deep discounts on high end ice cream, together with complimentary feet rubs from specially trained masseurs, chosen for their firm but gentle hands and strikingly good looks.

But, sadly, it seems unlikely the Manolo will ever be chosen Dictator for Life, even by accident, and so the expectant mothers must continue to make do with the comfortable shoes and only the single scoop of supermarket rocky road.

Here is the Hot Date from David Tate, the mid-heel sandal available in four colors and the various sizes, all the way up to the pregnant-lady sized EE.

Hot Date from David Tate