What is the Point of Being the Billionaire

Manolo says, yes, he was willing to spend the 100 millions dollars to get the job that pays $1 per year, but buy the new pair of shoes? That, apparently, is the extravagance too many for the Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

The two pairs of classic black loafers — one tasseled, the other penny loafers — predate his tenure as mayor and both are so well worn, with labels so long gone, that even Hizzoner himself can’t remember what brand they are.

“He could buy any shoes he wanted, but he likes these,” Loeser said. “They are comfortable, and they work, so he says there’s no need for a new pair.”

The mayor wears a 9EE, said exclusive shoe outfitter Allen Edmonds, which has sold Bloomberg several other pairs.

At least one of the pairs is likely a Cole Haan, shoe experts said.

The penny loafer looks like the “Dennehy,” an “old-school Italian leather [model] we specialized in for decades but discontinued” this year, said a longtime Cole Haan salesman at the chain’s Rockefeller Center branch. The shoe retails for $328.

Casual Friday at City Hall

Mike Bloomberg, Billionaire Man of the People, is pleased to see that the senior early bird special at Perkins this afternoon is all you can eat tilapia.

P.S. The tip of the hat to the Manolo’s friend, The Enabler